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This is scary…isn’t it?

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Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on missing someone? It's significance, how to deal with it, etc? :) thank you <3


Majority of the time we don’t always miss the person per se, but we miss the way they made us feel. So it is the feeling that we’re actually missing.

What To Do When You Truly, Madly, Deeply Miss Someone…

"if her legs aren’t shaking when you’re done then you’re not done"

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8 Tools for Managing Your Anger


1. Learn to recognize when you are feeling stressed – This will help you to reduce your stress before it is expressed as destructive anger.

2. Work on developing your empathy – Trying to see things from another’s perspective often helps to dissipate intense…


Terrarium Dioramas by The Wonder Room

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I get to look at this beautiful view most mornings.

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You look fantastic. What are you wearing?

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I am extremely happy with my life right now. Things are not perfect and I’m not precisely where I want to be in my career, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m in a good place for who I am right now.

Each day I become more and more skilled at being myself. In terms of defining my personality, but mostly believing that I can make things work for me.


Interior of a treehouse.
(Page 152 of Tiny Homes by Lloyd Kahn)

"We are all connected. When you touch one thing, you are touching everything. Whatever we do has an effect on others. Therefore, we must learn to live mindfully to touch the peace inside each of us. Peace in the world starts with peace in oneself. If everyone lives mindfully, everyone will be more healthy, feel more fulfilled in their daily lives and there will be more peace. This collective mindfulness can bring positive change to our families, organizations, communities, nations and future generations."

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Stay away from this blog if you hate laughing!

"I struggle with wanting you all the time, so please don’t mistake my silence for indifference. It’s just I have to hold myself back because I feel too much. Too often. Too wildly out of my control."

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